Tours in Aswan

Half day High Dam, Oblisque & Philae in Aswan

Half Day

  This morning we will tour the Aswan High Dam which considered a miracle of engineering when completed numbers tell part of the story: It stands 3.6 KM long, 111 METER tall and its base is 980 METER thick, the power station generates 190 million KM per hour. The amount of materials used in constructing the dam is 18 times the amount of materials used to construct the great Pyramid at Giza. On to visit the island of Agilkia now houses the temple and relics of Philae Island that was submerged by the waters of the high dam. Temple was dismantled and reassembled on the island which lies 500 m from the original Philae island.  Philae was the cult center of Goddesses Isis who was revered throughout much of the Roman World; and the site survived as the last outpost of the old pagan religion well into the present era, not being officially closed till the reign of Justinian in 550 A.D We will finish our tour by visiting the huge unfinished obelisk measuring 41 m in length and 4 m square at the base showing the techniques adopted by ancient Egyptians in cutting out the obliques.

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